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Bhutan Sunshine Travels

2011, We establish our company and start to travel around Bhutan, Building trust and walking with unknown people, winning their trust and believe, making their dream possible to see the their dream come true. Experienced many tough time and good time, making friend laugh in those difficult moments and tears of happiness on their success. 

Not every trip is smooth and not rough either, but this rough moment builds our Strength and grow how we can do best for the future and smooth moments builds trust and believe. Bhutan Sunshine started as one and we built faith in more than 500 friends all around world. 

2011年,我們成立公司,開始環遊不丹,建立信任,與陌生人同行,贏得他們的信任和相信,讓他們的夢想成為可能,看到他們的夢想成真。經歷了許多艱難的時刻和美好的時光,讓朋友在困難時刻歡笑,在成功時讓朋友流下幸福的眼淚。 並不是每一次旅行都是順利的,也不是坎坷的,但這個艱難的時刻可以增強我們的力量,讓我們能夠為未來做得最好,而順利的時刻可以建立信任和信念。不丹陽光從一開始就與世界各地 500 多個朋友建立了信任。

Nima Dorji Artist, Chairman,Co Founder.

I myself love to travel, I had travel so many places and what's best thing about traveling is not about the destination, But the surprise along the journey, some time best, sometime worst. Best times made me realised, what is the meaning of being alive and worst made me strong and taught me believe in myself and letting it go. With all this experience I came up with Bhutan Sunshine my company, so me and my team can share our experiences and make your Bhutan Experience alive.



Cheuk Tak Lam Expert Trip Planner, CEO.

I love to plan a perfect trip for myself, if anyone travel, what goes the most important thing is the travel plan. when you have a strong travel plan nothing goes wrong. I myself being from a most develop city in the world (Hong Kong), I totally understand the expectations from the traveller. Hence, with my past experience, I had planned many trips and very successful both for your guest and team.


Our Team.

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