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Bhutan Consisting 90% of many different Sacred site and its history leading to Back 7 to 8 century, Blessed by many extraordinary teachers. In which the people visiting the places gains lots of merits and blessings 



Bhutan, in its very rich culture and tradition, which indicate its identity and respect to its ansistors, Making the country  different from all over the world.  


Bhutan,over 80% of its envorinment coverd in evergreen forest, burning over 1500 tons of carbon dioxide every month, making the place a very hotspot destination for the Mountain bikers with is steep route changellang.



Bhutan enviroment it unique Landscapes,Peoples, Monasteries and its Monks, Fortress, valleys,flags and wonders of the biggest statue that make different feelings that can expained through lens.


Leasure to enjoy yours holiday and making romanting for your Honey Moon, Bhutan is best Place to visit and make your special moment Unforgetable in Bhutan with very special accommodation.


Bhutan and its historial events of many different Mask Dance Festival celebrations, celebrating generation by its people and make the festival bless ful,colourful and extraordinaryly Beautiful.

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