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We are Trusted Travel agent licence by Bhutan Government,register with TOURISM COUNCIL OF BHUTAN and Members By ABTO( association of bhutanese tour operator) Druk Air and Bhutan Airline.We  are formed base on the happiness,GNH introducing you to discover the unknown land of surprise named Druk Yul the land of thunder dragon popularly known as Bhutan,which lead to a perfect days to spend during the holidays. We opens the door to all the world to make their time periculous and unforgettable in their short off days and let them experience the feeling of the life spirit that still exist in the fresh place, which refreshes you with the positive energy. Experience the hills,mountain,the flora and fauna which is rarely seen and untouched by many peoples around the globe. We provide the comfortable tailor made services as per your Our client needs such as,Mountain Trekking,Photo graphing tour,Festival tours,Pilgrimage,Mountain bicycling,Rafting,etc.The most relaxing tour without any activities to free up yourself from day to day stress.

Our Mission


Our mission is to give our client the best service, safety is our primary concern and we always make sure sure our client is always safe during the journey and provide the most experience Guide and Dirver, to provide even necessary primary needs and equipment to make the trip comfortable and easy. To build trust, so our client dosent face difficulties traveling to Bhutan.Yours comfort is our pleasure Bhutan Sunshine ''Journey for happiness''

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